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Brian Sterling-Vete PhD is a published British author, broadcaster (unscripted and scripted), Guinness World Record Holder, and Martial Arts Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

He started life studying exercise science; however, fate led him to work in the broadcast industry and has since worked extensively on both sides of the camera including as an event host for live television broadcasts.  As a journalist, Brian’s work has appeared in The Reader’s Digest (USA) and he is a major contributor to various magazines including the prestigious Paranormal Press.

Brian is considered by many to be one of the World’s Leading authorities on isometric exercise and is the inventor of the highly advanced TRISOmetric©™ exercise system which he used successfully to train the 4-time World’s Strongest Man, Jon Pall Sigmarsson of Iceland. In 2015/16 Brian was named in the US media as one of the ‘Top 10 Fitness Experts’ in the United States. 

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Brian is both a published and self-published author with 32 books in print, with 22 about exercise, and healthy living in general.  Brian is known for his direct, no-nonsense approach that is not always politically correct and far from the typical ‘warm and fuzzy bedside manner’ most coaches take.  This is reflected in one of his best-selling books on the subject ‘The 70 Second Difference: The Politically Incorrect, Brutally Effective, and Occasionally Amusing Guide to Exercise and Diet’.  This approach is frequently attractive to the TV and print media when they want to shock people out of their complacency and into action to get results quickly.

In his private life, Brian is happily married, living most of the time in Manchester, England with their rescue greyhound, and some of the time in his wife’s native Minnesota, USA.  As a family, they devote much of their time to help at the greyhound rescue centre to help these wonderful dogs find loving new homes.

Brian and his wife are both fascinated by the possibility of the paranormal not existing because it is actually part of our normal world. However, as science-based sceptics, they work from the position of being open-minded requiring empirical evidence. They have become widely known for their work and research into this subject and found themselves frequently receiving calls for help from people and organisations who somehow became embroiled in what appear to be paranormal problems.  To this end, Brian founded a unique premier help service, which is possibly the world's first non-profit paranormal emergency service.  When asked to describe this on ITV’s This Morning primetime TV show, Brian said that it was like Thunderbirds’ International Rescue meets The Equalizer with a smidgeon of Scooby Doo thrown in.  This has become an increasingly busy aspect of their work, and as such, they co-authored the best-selling book called ‘Paranormal Investigation - The Black Book’ which is also available on Amazon and in good bookstores.

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Tuxedo Warriors is a combined autobiographical and biographical snapshot of Brian Sterling-Vete and his close friend the iconic pioneering cult moviemaker, Cliff Twemlow from the mid-1970s when they met, through to his friend’s untimely death in 1993.  Beginning from having left school and starting his journey as a fledgling exercise scientist at Manchester Metropolitan University, the book tells of how Brian also became involved in the TV and movie industry to follow a dual lifelong career path.  Brian is perhaps the only person left alive of those who knew and worked with Cliff Twemlow during his pioneering and prolific moviemaking phase. 

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